The best Nudist beaches

Thursday May 19, 2011

If you feel completely free, only when not brings nothing above, not even underwear; or that there are always with two areas without tan to taste, the following destinations are for you. Are the best Nudist beaches.
* Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii. Its main attraction and source of income is tourism naturist throughout the extension of the word. In this beach paradise is allowed to walk natural.
* Cap d’Agde, French Riviera of France. It is a prestigious resort nestled in the Mediterranean coast of France, southeast of that country. The nudism can be carried out an entire neighborhood, which account for all the services and equipment.
* Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida. It has a section directed at those who prefer not to practice the nudism, although most of the beach, approximately 2 000 400 meters long, is dedicated to the “lovers of the natural”.
* Not Beach, Vancouver, Canada. It is one of the beaches colder and famous of the world. Despite its location, very to the north in the world, receives a large number of visitors willing to remove all her clothes.
* Samurai Beach, Port Stephens, Australia. This is the only australian beach where the nudism is legal, and this has enough to become one of the best known.
* Apollo Beach, Florida, USA. Close to the ad hoc basis from NASA, is far from display something related to it. It is home to several protected species and home to a large number of tourists daily.
* Hanlan’S Point Beach, Toronto, Canada. Adjacent to an area of the beach in which the people use the bathing suits conventional, this area acquired in short time fame and visitors from those who have the beach, in which is used clothing.
* Blowing Rock Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Nailed in the peninsula of Sandy Hook, since it is possible to admire Manhattan and the New York Harbor of a privileged form.
* Anse du Grand Saline and Anse du Gouverneur, San Bartolome, Antilla French. All the beaches of St. Bartholomew are to walk without support, but these two are the only dedicated to those who do not bear bring clothes in the hip and below.

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